Equipped to inspire

Craig Robertson wants less regulation and more inspiration in VET ed.

“As skills service organisations, industry reference committees, trainers and auditors go about their jobs this week, I wonder if the notion of personal achievement and helping students find their sense of purpose ranks in their thinking. We as educators hold the key. Skilled and trusted educators are the only ones who can bring life to qualifications. … Training directed to the needs of our economy remains a central tenet of our sector, but without the cadre of teachers on-side, more specification, compliance and auditing will be for little,” the head of TAFE Directors Australia says.

Good-o but is the VET system equipped to inspire? Erica Smith (Federation U) and colleagues argue VET teachers need a degree in teaching, VET (CMM June 21 2018). But the vast majority don’t, holding a Certificate IV in teaching, which the Productivity Commission suggested in 2011 is all they need.

This is where things will stay, unless governments make degrees mandatory for TAFE teaching. Don’t hold your breath.


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