Enterprise deal ready to be done at UoQ

An enterprise agreement at the University of Queensland could be just one bargaining meeting away (CMM yesterday) but it seems management and union might both have to bend a bit to get a deal done. Campus observers confirm there are two issues which matter to the National Tertiary Education Union. One is management’s push for simplified discipline proceedings – the union wants to keep a full appeal committee system and says such is still in place elsewhere.  As for the proposal to extend the university’s span of opening hours, to 7am-7pm, the union is said to be very aware that rank and file professional staff are bruised by restructures and are feeling put upon. Word is neither of these is a cover for more money, with the union and management in the same arena on pay. Still, St Lucia locals suggest it is hard to see the union holding out on the hours issue, which will not effect that many members.


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