Enterprise agreement imminent at Murdoch U

The end is at hand for the long, approaching two years, and sometimes bitter, enterprise bargaining negotiation at Murdoch University.

Campus members of the National Tertiary Education Union have voted to approve the deal hammered out by union and university, with significant help from the university system’s IR association and the union’s national leadership.

“While we acknowledge the recent decision of the management to seek to reach a fair settlement, the university has incurred massive legal costs and suffered significant reputational damage for the same outcomes that have been achieved elsewhere through earlier constructive negotiations. These costs could have been avoided altogether,” state secretary of the NTEU Gabe Gooding said last night.

“We welcome this progress towards resolving a new agreement that will enable a focus on strengthening our university’s future,” was Murdoch management‘s response.

The proposal now goes to an all-staff vote.

A federal court action brought by the university against two union officials is yet to be heard. Did CMM mention the dispute was bitter?


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