Engagement and impact: analysis and reaction

The self-promotion started softly but got louder

Even universities who take credit for nice weather were subdued in first responses to the Australian Research Council’s release of the inaugural research Engagement and Impact review (CMM Friday). Perhaps it was due to not knowing quite what to make of the methodologies but having way less than 24 hours to get heads around a mass of detail did not help. Or maybe people listened to Kim Carr and think it will be a oncer.

Just before EI’s release the Labor research spokesman told a DVCRs meeting, he was not convinced.  “If I was minister I would never have allowed such a half-baked scheme to be implemented. And if it doesn’t measure up, it won’t happen again,” he said.

But as the national superlative supply (depleted by Excellence in Research for Australia earlier in the week) came back on line many institutions reported they were leaders in something. With low, medium and high scores for each of 24 broad fields of research there was plenty of good news to go around.

But the achieving in analysis award, for celebrating without spin goes to UNSW VC Ian Jacobs. His Friday afternoon message to staff clearly set out his university’s substantial achievement in ERA and Friday’s EI results, with a dignified fanfare from the corporate trumpet.




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