Dish de jour on international education menu


Fewer pies and more poutine

Australia’s education kitchen is open for home-delivery but it’s closed to international students who want to eat-in. So, people in our major export markets are looking at what’s on Canada’s menu.

Reports are emerging that international students are taking a pass on remote-study offers from Australian institutions, preferring to go where they can study in-country.

According to Ganga Dandapani from Canam consultants, in India, “it could well be that students are choosing Canada over other countries where borders are closed currently.”

While Canam specialises in the Canadian education market, (it’s in the name) it has also been sending students to Australia for 20 years. But for now, the Canadian market is where demand is. This week, the agency is hosting a “Canada Conclave” in the run-up to the country’s August intake. Ms Dandapani says pre-registrations are just shy of 10,000.

This reinforces a Navitas study late last year which reported 65 per cent of agents saying prospective student interest in Canada was up, compared to other destination nations.

Fewer meat pies and more poutine

Dirk Mulder is CMM’s international education correspondent.