Different uni ranking, same uni results

Whatever the methodology the same unis are on top

With universities turning up the spin cycle on their ARWU ranking results (CMM Friday), Isidro F Aguillo from Spanish research agency, Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas took the opportunity to remind us of the July results for Australia in the CSIC’s Ranking Web of Universities.

Some purists dismiss the RWU, which is based on volume and impact of www on-line content, but then again, they also don’t like rankings based on surveys. Which leaves us with the course-based U-Multirank (which is hard to use and isn’t a ranking) and the Leiden U research- ranking (which is hard to understand).

But whatever the methodology, results are generally much the same, certainly at the sharp end, which may be Mr Aguillo’s point.

In his ranking, there are seven Australian universities in the global first 100, as there are in the new ARWU . The only difference is that Uni Adelaide makes the RWU cut with UWA missing out, which is the reverse of the ARWU.

And the spread of the super seven is similar on both. Uni Melb is 46th in the world in the RWU list (41 in ARWU), Uni Queensland is 54thn on both. There’s a relatively big difference for UNSW, at 55th for RWU and 94th for ARWU.  Uni Sydney is 68th on the RWU and =80th on the ARWU. ANU is 71st and 76th, Monash is 79th and 73rd on the ARWU. Results between the two rankings for the last top 100 spot are reversed. Uni Adelaide is 100th on the Spanish ranking and in the 101-150 band of the ARWU while UWA, which is 99th on the ARWU is 166th on the RWU.