Department says its consulting on growth places

When Simon Birmingham announced a freeze on Commonwealth Supported Places last December he said when growth resumed in 2020 it would be based on performance metrics, worked out in consultation with universities but which could include student experienceattrition and completion rates and graduate outcomes. “We have two years to get this right,” the then education minister said, adding, “there is ample time to consult” with universities, (CMM December 19 2017.

There’s a lot less time now, but all the Department of Education and Training will say is, “consultation with the sector on performance-based funding is ongoing.” It must be ongoing very quietly because DET has not been talking about this to anybody in the higher education community CMM spoke to yesterday.  Still, not to worry, the department advises – “a formal consultation process will be announced in due course.”  Just a brief one, if universities are going to incorporate whatever the feds have in mind into planning for 2020  planning.


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