Delays for Macquarie U quick course cuts

Macquarie U management wants to decide quick-smart what not to teach next semester. It just got harder

Last week Macquarie U VC S Bruce Dowton told staff courses and units are not viable in the current number” and so courses, majors and specialisations, “will be rested next year.”

But given the lateness of the hour to let students know what’s available for first semester, “time is not on our side,” (CMM September 15).

It’s even less so now. The campus branch of the National Tertiary Education Union has lodged a dispute over lack of what it claims is required consultation.

If the widely-expected October 1 deadline for what courses and units are on and off is to be met this will need sorting soon-ish. There’s a bunch of work, plus pleading for special cases, to get through.