Deans demand end to high fees for humanities

A lobby for some of the disciplines which took the hardest hit from the last government’s UG fee changes wants them dropped

As part of its Jobs-Ready Package the Morrison Government jacked up the yearly cost of fees for students of humanities, bized and law to $14 600. This made them more expensive to study than medicine, at $ 11 400. Disciplines the government approved of, including maths, nursing and foreign languages were priced at $3 900.

And so the Deans of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences is, “calling for urgent fee reform, given the total lack of evidence that this clumsy attempt to guide student preferences away from humanities, arts and social sciences degrees is working.”

This has the makings of a loyalty-test for the new government, set by HASS disciplines, which believe they were treated with “disregard” by the Morrison Government.

DASSH suggests, “it is time for the price of university courses to reflect the cost of delivery, not a political agenda.” Deans of immensely expensive to teach disciplines that are heavily subsidised, such as medicine and vet may not agree.