Deal (nearly) done at Uni Newcastle

At long, long last (talking about talks started in September ‘21) management and NTEU leadership appear to have settled on terms for new enterprise agreements

It took a big effort at the end with Fair Work Deputy President Saunders facilitating a fortnight of talks (CMM, May 31, June 5).

So what’s in the deal? Those who know aren’t talking.

The most VC Alex Zelinsky was saying Friday was a thanks to campus unions (CPSU leadership was already largely ok, the NTEU wasn’t) and that full details of the agreements will be presented by the end of this week.

The VC added that the approved texts will “be put to staff for ballot” and DP Saunders, states, “the NTEU and CPSU will encourage their members to vote in favour of the enterprise agreements negotiated by the parties.”

Good-o, but where pray, CMM asked, is the process where union members get to approve proposals before they go to an all staff vote?

As of deadline last night those who know weren’t telling CMM that either.