Deakin U’s brilliant new community-service MOOCs

The moociverse is expanding in two directions, self-help and helping others. There are ever-more MOOCs for people who want to pick up university-level skills and knowledge in job generating business and IT disciplines. But while they are far fewer, Australian universities have created MOOCs for people who need help, and those who want to help them, in dealing with disease, disadvantage and disability. There are MOOCs on autism (Swinburne), dementia (UTas) and addiction (UniAdelaide) and now Deakin U announces open online courses, via FutureLearn, on caring for older people and breast feeding.

CMM is puzzled why government does not recognise what a cost and communication effective source of information on health and community service issue MOOCs, like Deakin’s new ones are and start commissioning them instead of conventional comms campaigns.