Deakin U warns staff: don’t wait for a better offer

The vote on management’s enterprise bargaining proposal closes this afternoon – the university warns it is as good as it will get

In a message to staff this week Chief People Officer Stacey Walton warned that a no vote, “does not mean a better agreement will be reached.”

The National Tertiary Education Union has campaigned hard against the offer, arguing yesterday, “vote no … then Deakin NTEU can get back to bargain for better pay and conditions”.

However Mrs Walton states, “a ‘no’ vote means there will be considerable delay before you have an opportunity to engage with any further agreement. There is also no guarantee that a revised agreement would maintain the significant level of proposed uplifts and increases in the proposed 2023 enterprise agreement,”.

“Vote ‘yes’ now for the proposed 2023 EA to retain your existing terms and conditions as well as securing a range of uplifts and benefits,” she added.

No, the university assures CMM this does not mean existing conditions will only continue if staff vote for the new one – a no vote leaves the 2017 agreement in place.