Deakin U delivers on training expertise

On Wednesday, the feds announced funding for Deakin U to develop a training package for the Indonesian logistics industry. This upset TAFE Directors head Craig Robertson who suggested, ““Deakin is a laudable organisation but hardly has the credentials or experience to represent Australia in an industry engagement approach for vocational qualifications,” (CMM yesterday). It certainly looked like an example of a university being unfairly valued over VET, but it isn’t.

In fact, the work will be done by Deakin’s Centre for Supply Chain Logistics, which moved last year from dual sector Victoria U, where it “created a fully articulated pathway in supply chain and logistics courses involving certificate four, diploma, bachelor, graduate certificate, master and PhD in supply chain and logistics.”

In Indonesia it will, among other things; develop national occupation standards, build training programme capacity and create a design strategy for community college curricula.


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