Deakin certifies non-uni skills in deal with marketing industry

Deakin U is expanding its skill certification product range, in a deal with the Australian Marketing Institute. It’s a move meant to increase Deakin’s competitiveness in the MOOC micromasters space.

What’s happening: Through its DeakinCo subsidiary the university will assess marketing competencies for AMI expert certification as an expert in five fields, data, digital, content, creative and customer experience. Certifcation is intended to be, “a common currency that demonstrates a person’s current professional capabilities.”

Certificates will be issued on the basis of applicants’ evidence, assessed by the university for a $495 fee. Deakin is at pains to point that these credentials are not degrees, but they are aligned with international qualifications and industry skill frameworks.” And they “may lead to credit towards further study at Deakin University.”

What it means: “Deakin’s Professional Practice credentials are intended to be affordable for individual professionals and are priced competitively versus other micro-credential options, like the MOOC-based credentials available from Coursera and edX,” a university spokesperson tells CMM.

“Through DeakinCo, Deakin has created the framework, model, technology and internal capabilities to sustain a world-class professional credentials system, underpinned by rigorous assessment methods and validated by industry.”

In addition to the AMI programme Deakin offers professional practice credentials at bachelor, pre-bachelor and masters levels in a range of generic work-life skills.


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