Data analytic majors to merge

Two major translational research centres are set to merge, creating, “solutions, products and new companies that will enhance the fairness and efficiency of global markets.” The Capital Markets Cooperative Research Centre and the Securities Industry Research Centre of the Asia-Pacific say that subject to due diligence and legal approvals, merging will “exponentially increase” their expansion into markets such as health, energy and property.

The two organisations now use data intelligence and analytics to solve problems in capital and securities, health and energy markets as well as in facilities management, digital assets and supply chain logistics.

The partnership will combine the curiosity and capacity of 70 industry partners, 50 universities, over 250 experts and 12 companies. It will also build on what the partners claim is the “world’s largest cross-disciplinary industrial PhD program” in data science, finance, market quality and market design.

Both partners say they will continue to meet their existing obligations, the CMCRC to the federal government’s cooperative research centre programme and SIRCA to members.

The joint venture will be headquartered in Sydney.


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