Dan’s the man for Deakin U

Deakin U congratulates Dan Tehan – understandably so

Deakin U VC Jane den Hollander congratulates Dan Tehan for continuing as education minister, “where he demonstrates real passion for quality graduate employment outcomes and regional access to higher education.”

He was certainly a friend to Deakin U’s Warrnambool campus, when it sorely needed one.  In 2016 when the university wanted out of the regional centre, in Mr Tehan’s seat, he was there, working to keep it open.  Working from the backbench, he secured $14m from the federal government to attract another university if Deakin U bailed.

In the end Deakin U stayed, changing its course mix. “When Deakin refocused its education model … Minister Tehan’s efforts to facilitate the support of the federal government were crucial,” Professor den Hollander said yesterday.


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