Dan Tehan goes the full Frasier

The minister is listening on the new student fee legislation

On News Radio yesterday Sandy Aliosi asked the education minister about National MP (and minister for regional education) Andrew Gee’s call for changes to the bill. “Well, obviously, Andrew has put forward some suggestions that he thinks will improve the legislation,” Mr Tehan replied. No light between bat and pad there.

But Mr Tehan added he is open to ideas; “ I’ve spoken with every vice chancellor across the nation (in) the last two months. They have also put forward suggestions to me as to what they think would improve the legislation. We have, obviously, sent the draft legislation out for consultation. I look forward to receiving more feedback. … These are major reforms. We want to get them right. We will continue to consult as we take this legislation through the parliament.”

Good-o but there’s not a lot of time left for listening. The draft bill was released for consultation on Tuesday, with responses due next Monday.


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