Curtin University awards

Curtin University has announced all its annual staff awards:

Student learning: Brooke Sanderson, Helen Flavell, Health Sciences

Teaching excellence: Claire Morrisby, Health Sciences

Student learning: Aneeshta Gunness, Shamsul Abdullah Curtin Malaysia, Business School

Teaching excellence for university associates: Shafiiq Gopee, Odylle Charoux, Karlo Jouan, Tasneem Mustun, Gounshali Vaghjee, Jirad Jhuboo Zaid Timol, Sarita Hardin-Ramanan, Odylle Charoux, Shubashni Ramrekha, Loga Balla Soupramanien, Geshwaree Huzooree, Karlo Jouan, Shafiiq Gopee – Charles Telfair Institute (Mauritius)

Curtin Academy Fellows: Janet Beilby, Psychology, Melissa Davis, Psychology, Sonia Dickinson, Marketing, Jonathan Paxman, Civil and Mechanical Engineering, Rachel Sheffield from the School of Education

Innovation: Hannah Wilkinson, Business School teaching and learning, Curtin Info Tech Services Virtual Computing Lab Project Team

Engagement/Collaboration: Mike Ridout, School of Mines, Curtin Stadium Health and Rehabilitation Clinic

Leadership: Sarah Moffatt, University Marketing

Customer service: Jenny Goodison, Business School R&D. Info Tech Service Centre Hubs


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