Curtin U wants to be the one

At least it wants to be the one WA uni Chinese students choose

Meng Fei, start of Chinese dating show “If you are the one” (it’s on SBS) is in Perth, which gives Curtin U the opportunity to announce three $10 000 Meng Fei Innovative Future Leadership Scholarships.

This has to be a plus for Curtin U attracting students from China, who are fewer than they used to be. In 2017, there were 1880 students from China enrolled at Curtin U Australian campuses, down from 2800 in 2013. The university says that while it has no previous relationship with Mr Meng Fei, “we are investigating innovative ways his expertise can be shared with Curtin in the future. Curtin’s involvement in Meng Fei’s visit is an indicator of our deepening understanding of modern Chinese culture, and our strong desire to engage with the young people in China, many of whom are our current, past and future students.” And no, the university is not paying him a fee.

Thankfully, there is no China version of “Married at first sight.”


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