Curtin U management walloped in staff vote

The university put an enterprise agreement offer to staff which the National Tertiary Education opposed – this wasn’t wise

Management advised staff yesterday that the offer was rejected 72 per cent against and 28 per cent in favour. That this was the voice of the Curtin community is clear – some 79 per of eligible staff turned out to vote.

This means the terms of the now expired enterprise agreement continue but yesterday management announced a two-stage wage increase – a payment of 3 per cent of earnings from July last year to March this and a 3 per cent rise from then.

But as for a new agreement, it is back to bargaining, “We will now take the time necessary to consider our next steps. This process will involve discussions with the NTEU.”

The vote confirms yet again a law of industrial relations in universities – even though the majority of employees are not union members when it comes to negotiating wages and conditions, way more often than not they listen to the comrades.