Curtin U blazes a trail

The university leads the Resources Technology and Critical Minerals Trailblazer programme

There’s $50m from the Commonwealth, plus funding from university and industry participants to a total of $200m. James Cook U and Uni Queensland are the other uni partners. CSIRO will provide technical support.

This is the first of six trailblazers teams, which will commercialise research on one of the government’s six “national manufacturing priorities” (CMM November 25 2021 and January 31 ). There were going to be four (one with a regional participant) but the Budget added two more, under “regional accelerator” funding.

The prime minister announced Curtin U’s win in Perth yesterday, with caretaker conventions in place the news appeared on the Liberal Party’s website.

The WA Labor Government also had news it needed to announce yesterday, that Curtin U researchers, “supported by the state government” have developed a new seismic detection technology.