Curtin and UoQ’s go big in on-line business degrees

Curtin U and the University of Queensland are providing new on-line masters, via edX. They join seven US institution in a new edX range which offers, “top ranked graduate degrees, at a disruptive price, in a flexible way.”

Micromasters offered by edX partner universities, which now “stack” into campus based degrees are also credited for this new range.

Curtin is offering a masters in marketing for A$31 000. However, credits for the university’s edX marketing micromasters discount the price by 22 per cent.

The University of Queensland presents a new masters, leadership in service innovation. Including the units in the UoQ business leadership micromasters, which are mandatory, the final price is $A25 000,  according to the edX site yesterday.

The universities are offering these programmes at prices 50 per cent and plus below top-institute on-campus courses. Both UoQ and Curtin will start their courses in first semester 2020.

Last year CMM wondered whether the UofQ business micromasters programme could eat the university’s lucrative postgrad biz studies lunch (September 4 2017). It now seems it was always intended as an entrée.


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