Creating offshore opportunities

Swinburne U has top visa clearance for the international students it recruits to Melbourne but it is still expanding internationally   

The university has established a partnership with a Hanoi-based private provider, teaching Swinburne business IT and media coms degrees.  Small, but smart move. As UNSW VC Ian Jacobs argues, “there is a mismatch between where the need and demand for higher education is globally, and where the expertise resides,” (CMM June 18).

Swinburne U has no problem attracting quality-international students – it’s on the government’s Simplified Student Visa Framework list of universities least at risk of recruiting international students who breach visa conditions. But there is big growth in taking courses to where new markets are.

Uni New England has funding from the feds for an on-line course for Indian hospital administrators

The university will use the $62 000 to develop training for managers, in conjunction with Indian social-enterprise Beyond Borders Learning Programmes. A small start but the potential market is vast – there are 37 000 hospitals in India.


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