Creating admission sites students understand

A TEQSA guide shows how it is done

Back in 2016 the Higher Education Standards Panel made the case for course admission information that people applying could understand. “A paradoxical situation has arisen. Entry into universities has become more equitable. Yet there is evidence that families with less experience of higher education, which are economically disadvantaged or live in regional Australia, are less able to understand how admissions processes operate.” HESP suggested the Tertiary Education Quality Standards Agency could assist institutions in improving, (CMM November 16 2016).

Which has happened – including TEQSAgood practice note on admissions transparency, by Janet Beard, released Friday.

The note, or notes, (enough for an admissions opera) includes advice on 20 aspects of admissions, ranging from the plain, provide comprehensive information about how prior study is assessed,” to the pointed “websites are easily navigable to access information about admissions to different courses,” (directed at any institution in particular?)

Ms Beard also includes an arsenal of examples of universities which do aspects of admissions well. There is data enough here to build a state of art admissions site.


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