CRC Project winners announced

Winners of the fourth round of CRC Projects are announced, all with university participants engaging with industry. They are as applied as applied research can get – CRC P’s are limited time and address specific projects with immediate outcomes. The programme “is addressing a significant gap in the Australian innovation system and the high number of applicants putting up very significant resources of their own is fantastic,” Tony Peacock from the Cooperative Research Centres Association says.

Dr Peacock is especially-impressed with the water-pipe lining project, “the potential for savings” are “staggering.”

The fourth round, with university participants is:

# advanced manufacturing for exosome therapy (vesicles used for drug delivery). La Trobe University

# dairy goat vaccines, University of Melbourne

# stem cell cancer immunotherapies. Monash University

# smart home energy management. UNSW

# brain scanner for stroke detention/monitoring. University of Queensland

# energy storage alternatives to lithium ion batteries. Swinburne and Flinders universities

# detecting inattention in children. Monash University

# innovative electricity generation. UNSW

# mixed waste remanufacturing. UNSW

# automated assessment of chronic wounds. University of Melbourne

# resistance to Fusarium wilt in Cavendish bananas. QUT

# selective fish breeding. James Cook University

# next gen hydrogen energy. Monash University

# graphene in high-strength polyethylene. Deakin University

# smart linings for pipes and infrastructure. Monash University


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