CQU wants cuts that do no lasting harm

Management says 5 per cent must come off portfolio budgets for ’22 to “remain financially sustainable.” It’s even harder than it sounds

VC Nick Klomp tells staff the savings need to be made so CQU “remains financially sustainable amid the extended impacts of COVID-19. But, and it is no inconsiderable qualification, “it is important that any savings made now don’t fundamentally change CQUniversity’s identity or our important mission for the long term.”

This appears the underlying intent for the proposal to staff that they work ten per cent less time, just this year, for a corresponding cut in pay (CMM October 21).

“We have confidence that every decision we must make is guided not merely by numbers in a spreadsheet, but by our future vision and strategic direction for the University,” Professor Klomp adds.

The VC says he will brief staff once savings from the fractional-cut proposals are known and he has talked to university council.


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