CQU pay talks: not looking short, not looking sweet

CQU management wants a short enterprise agreement with no pay rise – the NTEU wants a standard-length deal plus more money

On the eve of bargaining beginning, Vice Chancellor Nick Klomp proposes a two-year agreement, instead of the common three, with no pay rise. The VC says he needs the time to improve finances, “so that in 2023 we will be in a much stronger position to be really generous with our staff.” And he wants a deal with campus unions fast, saying bargaining “can be really divisive,” (CMM May 28).

To which Robert Rule, Queensland Industrial Officer for the National Tertiary Education Union responds, “no way” to no pay rise and that staff want the “certainty” of a three-year agreement.

As to reaching a speedy settlement, Mr Rule says the union has agreed to weekly meetings with management until July. “Given how far we are apart we do not expect quick negotiations.”