CQU new Cairns campus confirmed

The astute-lobbying university has enjoyed a boomer of a campaign – it helps being in a state with seats in play

The coalition has committed $50m for a new CQU campus in Cairns city, matching Labor’s November commitment of the same sum (CMM November 11). A new site will double CQU student capacity in the city to 4000.

The announcement is a win for Warren Entsch, sitting LNP member for the city’s seat and  it is a triumph for CQU VC Nick Klomp. His predecessor Scott Bowman commenced campaigning for a new Cairns campus in 2016, and Professor Klomp has kept it up (CMM November 11 2016, August 3 2017, July 20 2020 and March 9 2021).

CQU has had a good campaign.

In addition to Cairns, the Opposition promises $15m for marine science at CQU Gladstone and $9m for an EV training centre at the Mackay campus (CMM April 19).  The LNP matched the Mackay announcement Friday.

For FNQ neighbour James Cook U the good campaign news is being a member of the Curtin U led Resources Technology and Critical Minerals  trailblazer project. The university is also a member of the Labor backed ($32m promised), Townsville based, proposed simulation for the defence forces.

There was also funding for 80 more medical student places in the budget.

The government needs to hold and Labor wants to win three seats where CQU campuses are located or adjacent.