CQU flying into Cairns

The great CQU tradition of sticking it to local rival James Cook U continues. JCU once had a higher education monopoly in Cairns, until recently retired CQU VC Scott Bowman expanded in the city (CMM June 22 2018). It seems successor Nick Klomp is keen to continue, with news of another Cairns initiative. Labor’s election giveaway of the day is a promise in government of $10m for CQU’s Cairn’s aviation hub, to include tertiary-education in pilot training.

Not that JCU in Cairns is being ignored in the election. Under its every-vice-chancellor-wins-a-prize Labor has promised the university $60m for its med school to expand at the city’s hospital. The government matches the money for its own JCU plan at the hospital (CMM January 22)


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