COVID-19 wrap: new moves

The majority of Uni Newcastle courses are now being delivered on remote

Full study from home expected to be in-place Monday.

La Trobe U tells staff working from home is now “the default”

The arrangement applies from Friday, until further notice. The only exceptions are “essential” on-site staff, people who need to be on campus to teach on-line and designated researchers.

In NSW, the Universities Admission Centre is preparing for student services on the other side

Applications for courses starting in the next two semesters open on schedule April 1. “Special arrangements” for Y12 students will be announced over weeks/months, “to ensure no student is disadvantaged in relation to university entry in 2021.”

The Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre is compiling an inventory of resources

“As the situation develops, there may be a need for the goods you manufacture, the supplies you hold or the skills you have to be called upon.” The register is

here.  The AMGC is one of the federal government’s Industry Growth Centres, which “drive innovation, productivity and competitiveness.”

The launch of the Australian Catholic U, Deakin U school principal occupational health survey for 2019 is postponed to a date to be fixed

CMM imagines partner organisations have a bit on just now.