Complaint signed but not delivered at Southern Cross U

Continuing academic staff at SCU are unhappy with the new workload model but they want to complain discretely

A draft letter is circulating stating that a new EFTS based model will increasing workloads by up to 60 per cent, compared to the old allocation by hours and “the majority of academic staff are already experiencing serious workplace health and safety issues as a direct result of these changes”

The letter is intended for chancellor, Nick Burton Taylor, “we feel we are left with no choice because our communications with SCU management, containing detailed documented specific examples of the above problems are not being listened to or acted upon,” the draft states.

But he has not got it yet, the letter will only go if 60 per cent of continuing academic staff sign, with all signatories confidential until that happens.

And if it does the chancellor will be asked to keep signatories names to himself.