ComparED with QILT

The feds have quietly launched what isn’t all that new a HE search site

It’s creatively called comparED and it allows users to check the performance of private and public HE providers in 21 study areas.

“What, like the excellent Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching from the esteemed Social Research Centre,” you ask? That’s the one, CMM replies. “So, what happens to QILT?” Good question, nothing, as far as CMM can tell.  According to the new site, “the existing QILT will continue to operate. ComparED is funded by the Australian Government Department of Education and is powered by the QILT survey data.”

“Good-o, so why rebadge QILT?” CMM has no clue – whatever the new site cost could have funded social media marketing for the site where the data was, is and will be.


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