Claire Field on working out the new AQF


Ever had one of those moments when you pause and think … is it just me?


 I’m talking about the AQF Review’s suggested changes to qualification design.

To my mind, the review’s major failing is its application. There are major problems in VET because there is no arbiter of the relevant AQF level for each qualification. This creates significant inconsistencies, for example:

* Diploma of Business: comprises only eight units (all electives)

* Diploma of Forest and Forest Products: 15 units (six core, nine electives)

* Diploma of Hospitality Management: 28 units (13 core, 15 electives)

* Diploma of Air-conditioning and Refrigeration Engineering: (33 core units and electives worth 130 “points”).

I have examined the units in the “shorter” diplomas and they are no more complex than those in the “longer” diplomas, so that does not explain the variation, (bear in mind that each of the above qualifications can be taught in the same timeframe).

Against this backdrop, the AQF reviewers suggest a need for more flexibility in qualification design. They propose two alternatives – with different degrees of flexibility, in terms of the levels of knowledge, skills and application descriptors to be included in qualifications.

I foresee problems in implementing either model, but so far, I have not seen anyone else raise any concerns about these recommendations.  Is it just me and if so, what am I missing?

The two options are outlined on pages 30-36 of the report.

 Claire Field advises on VET, international education and private higher education


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