Cisco expands uni network, again

Networking technology company Cisco has a new partnership, its with Victoria U to establish a cybersecurity training centre

“This is one of my proudest moments at Cisco – an investment in partnership with a community based leading education institution focused on preparing students to learn and transition quickly into existing jobs that are a key component of the economic future of Australia,” Cisco’s Tim Fawcett said Friday.

VU says the project is “the first of its kind in Melbourne.” It’s certainly not the company’s first Australian university partnership. To name but a few, Cisco offers a cybersecurity degree with Flinders U. Students from ATN universities can access its on-line training – all up 20 000 ANZ students participate annually in its networking academy. It works with UTS in internet of things research and backs Curtin U MOOCs on the IoT. Cisco is also a member of the Edith Cowan based CRC for Cyber Security.


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