Charles Sturt U VC goes with no permanent successor named

Andrew Vann has officially left Charles Sturt U – a year before his second term as VC expired

Not that he has been around much in management this year. Back in June CSU chancellor, Michele Allan told staff Professor Vann was taking six-months of leave and sabbatical (CMM June 19) – his job had already been advertised, with applications closing at the end of June (CMM June 16).

“I want to thank Andy for leading the university through a period of incredible growth, and through some very tough times too. His commitment to regional NSW and regional education is to be commended,” Dr Allan told staff Friday.

Which was more expansive than her June 19 statement, in which she assured the university that Council, “is focused on ensuring that the university’s staff and students have the leadership in place to ensure that Charles Sturt can continue to deliver world class higher education across all of our campuses and to our online students.”

Six months later there is still no word on a permanent replacement. Last month the university told CMM “the recruitment process is continuing” (CMM November 20). It still is, with Dr Allan telling CSU staff Friday that Acting VC John Germov will, “continue to work closely with the leadership team and the university council.”