Charles Sturt U goes the santa

There’s a $1000 for staffers to sock away

Vice Chancellor Renée Leon wants, “to acknowledge the sustained contributions of Charles Sturt’s wonderful staff,” in what was a “challenging 12 months.”

“In extremely difficult circumstances you have found new ways to ensure our students could continue their educational journeys, important research projects could be undertaken, and the university’s role as an anchor institution in regional Australia could be strengthened.”

And because nothing says thanks like cash, there is a $1000 bonus for continuing academic and professional staff and casuals on the books, working a base 500 hours. Hopefully it includes a bunch that did not make the cut for the current casual conversion to continuing work round.

The bonus compares well against the price-setter for management gifts, Uni Sydney which has provided $2000 (CMM November 12). Given the difference in institutional assets and income $1000 from CSU is a stand-up sum.