Change on the way at Swinburne U

But there will be no more voluntary redundancies, “at this stage”

Back in June, Swinburne U opened voluntary redundancies, with then VC Linda Kristjanson warning; “there is a possibility that involuntary redundancies may be required in coming months to meet the changing environment we are now facing,” CMM June 3, June 23).

VRs are now closed and staff wonder if involuntary departures are to come. So CMM asked Swinburne U and was told that no more VR offers are anticipated “at this stage”.  However, “we continue to review our services and operations across the university to ensure that we are operating with the optimal model and footprint for a post-COVID-19 world.”

Specifically, the university advises consultations are underway in the Operations Division, “regarding proposed changes to the structure and job design aimed at adapting to the changing needs of the university.”

The university says it will consider staff and union feedback, “prior to finalising any proposed changes.”


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