Catalogue of job cuts for Charles Darwin U library

Management says the library needs to improve performance, so there’s a proposed new structure with fewer jobs

The change proposal calls for a head cut from 41 now to 27 – saving $922 000 a year. The university certainly appears to need the money (the NT auditor reports a $21m deficit last year on $254 in revenues) however the change proposal is scathing about the library’s existing operation, “many employees are aware of gaps or weaknesses in service and process delivery, and have great ideas, but escalating ideas to managers has not always resulted in timely action.”

To address this and numerous other outlined issues the university proposes, “a new structure aligned with new ways of working and positions that are aligned with the employee profile at similar regional universities with multiple campuses such as Central Queensland University, and allows for more flexibility and capability to provide resources to meet demand as needs change throughout the annual cycle.”

Management adds user comment, including the 2018 Insync client satisfaction survey, identified specific areas for improvement – response to consumer feedback, support for research data management and the capacity for research support to meet growth demand. Good-o, but 2018 Insync also rated the CDU library first amongst the 27 benchmarked and reported that on five core functions, “not only are these services among the most important to clients of the library, they are also being performed well.”


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