Cash for kit from the Australian Research Council

The Australian Research Council announces $39m for 21 universities 

The money comes from the fund that makes the applied research Linkage scheme happen, Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities.

Successful applicants got pretty much what they wanted ($39m of $42m requested).

ANU did best, with six approved projects, followed by Uni Adelaide with five and Uni Sydney and UWA four each. All up Group of Eight institutions won 28 of 45 awards.

Most awards are for super-sciencey kit incomprehensible to the likes of CMM, even with ARC approved National Interest Test statements.

As to a CMM fave Murray Wesson (UWA) and colleagues have $319 000 to digitise the drafting process for the Australian Constitution. “The expected outcomes of the project are an open access, online archive that consolidates, corrects and enhances the digital record of the Constitutional Conventions and the processes associated with them.” Maybe they will do a Toby Zeigler.