Career counselling

The National Careers Institute awards its first 13 grants, to “deliver innovative career advisory products and services” 

Post-school education providers and services in the money are,

* Graduate Careers Australia ($135 000): promoting, supporting, and evaluating careers registration in tertiary institutions

* TAFE Queensland ($700 000): training and career solutions for Australian Defence Force people moving to civilian employment

* National Association of Australian Apprenticeships Centres ($328 000): “establish an ecosystem of iterative ethical signposting” to guide school students’ “career-choice thinking”

* Federation U ($151 000): career paths in retail, hospitality and allied industries

* Uni Melbourne ($148 000): develop a portfolio assessment tool for school/VET teachers to assess young people’s employability skills and develop support materials

* Uni Adelaide ($497 000): an “interactive virtual experience” simulating work environments in “key industry sectors, including ship building, aerospace and big data

* Curtin U ($411 000): career development learning hub “for students with disability”.