Call to regulate international student local recruiters

Independent Tertiary Education Council of Australia calls on the Commonwealth to register on-shore international education agents  

“There is a small number of actors in the sector that appear more focussed individual short-term gains that do not benefit either students or providers and act to the long-term detriment of the sector,” ITECA’s Troy Williams says.

ITECA calls for,

* on-shore agents to be companies and subject to Commonwealth law, to exclude partnerships and sole traders

* amending the code of practice governing providers to international students so it applies to on-shore agents and establishing a complaint process

*  requiring on-shore agents and providers to be “transparent” about commissions the latter pays the former

* agents should pay the cost of the registration scheme

The proposal follows ITECA and TAFE Directors Australia warning that some VET providers  are offering on-shore internationals courses with “excessively low few and low study expectations” as cover for people on student visas working more hours than allowed (CMM September 7).