Business as usual will mean bigger profits for Western Sydney U, union warns

Western Sydney University unionists have pulled their plan to withhold student marks as part of their enterprise bargaining campaign. But National Tertiary Education Union branch president David Burchell has a message for students who kicked-up at the idea. If withholding had occurred the union would have made exceptions for students who really needed their records, but the union’s cause is important.

Industrial action is a last resort but sometimes the only tool for staff to protect themselves and the integrity of our important public institutions. If we let business continue as usual, universities will sadly continue to focus on making bigger profits, while staff working conditions and your learning conditions decline.”

“Bigger profits?” Um, surely WSU ploughs its surplus into growing the university including research. Then again, the way student-funding subsidises research at all universities is one issue that nobody much wants to discuss with undergraduates.


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