Budget Reaction

Realists that they are, the lobbies like it

The Innovative Research Universities was quick to welcome the research money, if not effusively. “Congratulations to the government for recognising the need for a major investment in research across 2021 to ensure our research system continues,” Executive Director Conor King said. Although he added, “the Coalition is always more supportive of research than education.”

Luke Sheehey from the Australian Technology Network liked the 50 000 new short course places, calling them “a vital measure to support 1000s of Australians looking to get the skills they need for long-term, secure work. We are ready to support industry & workers in our recovery & warmly welcome this announcement.

The Group of Eight was pleased indeed.”This is a budget for its time with an unprecedented one-off injection for research funding,” CEO Vicki Thomson says. “It is both timely and welcome and the Morrison Government is to be congratulated on its commitment to and recognition of the emergency status of Australia’s research funding, and for acting upon that in tonight’s Budget.”

As was Universities Australia chair, Deborah Terry (Uni Queensland VC); ““the government has this evening added $1bn to the nation’s research effort, allowing universities to secure an important and continuing role in national recovery. The sector’s voice had been clearly heard. You can’t have an economic recovery without investing in research and development.”

But Alison Barnes from the National Tertiary Education Union was not happy at all, arguing the $1bn in research funding was “mostly future funding bought forward.”

” The Budget also fails to seriously address the funding and jobs crisis that universities are experiencing. Livelihoods and careers have been demolished in the past six months. … Australia’s universities desperately need a rescue package, but the Treasurer’s focus on jobs in the Budget clearly doesn’t include higher education.”







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