Brammer means business: Macquarie dean releases super-faculty master plan

Macquarie University business and economics academics are struggling to cope with the diversity of the different programme needs,” Executive Dean Stephen Brammer says in a review of staff opinion. In research, “we are not where we need to be,” he adds.

Academic staff feel siloed and are not physically or culturally enabled to collaborate in the way that many would like to.”

The report comes as Professor Brammer moves to implement a restructure of the faculty, the Macquarie Graduate School of Management and the Macquarie Applied Finance Centre, being planned since he took over at the beginning of the year. The proposed new structure does not include notable net job losses or savings, with senior managers, rather than staff effected by the integration of three existing management teams. Seven existing management positions translate to the new structure. In MGSM and MAFC three are abolished and two created. Four departments in the faculty become six, marketing and management become stand-alone units and the department of applied finance and actuarial studies-business analytics is also split. Five existing associate dean positions will become eight. Overall the change proposal suggests “no” or “minor impact” for staff across the three existing organisations

Staff comment is due on October 25 with an implementation plan due in late November.


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