Bigger band trumpeting ARWU achievement

The new Academic Ranking of World Universities subject lists (CMM yesterday) have something for more unis than the Go8 to Sousa about

The research output by subject list uses the same metrics, for good or ill, as the ARWU’s all of institutions list.

As such it favours the research rich and powerful, with the reach and money to invest in breadth and depth. Thus, the Group of Eight leads Australia for most global top 100s (of 500 unis for most subjects).

UNSW is on 37 of the top 100s on 54 subject lists, followed by Uni Melbourne 34, Uni Queensland 32, Monash U 30 Uni Sydney 27, ANU 18, UWA 15 and Uni Adelaide, 14.

But with 54 disciplines, there is room for unis with deep-expertise to fire up the band. Griffith U (eight), Uni Wollongong, (seven), QUT (six), Curtin U (five) and Deakin U (five) all appear on top 100 lists.