Big rankings win: it may not last

It’s a big outing for Aus but Angel Calderon warns scores could slide

The QS subject rankings were released last night, which makes this a good morning for universities.

Angel Calderon (RMIT) reports in Features this morning that 39 Australian institutions appear on the global top 200 lists for 54 subjects.

And some on way more than others – Uni Queensland is on 50 lists this year, ahead of unis Melbourne and Sydney with 48 each.

Overall Australia rates fourth in the world for the number of listings and fifth for listings per institution.

But Mr Calderon adds all is not ranking roses. While research rankings and impact are strong, overall Australia lags on reputation measures, down for the third straight year in the QS academic and employer surveys.

“Whilst we celebrate the year-on-year successes of our workplaces, it is at our own peril if we don’t address this relative weakness considering increased competition for students, academic talent, and scarce resources,” he warns.

His comprehensive analysis is in Features this morning, including complete numbers for all Aus institutions and all subjects – HERE.