Big Linkage day for Unis Adelaide and Queensland

The ARC must have been so excited yesterday, the new round of Linkage Grants was on its website before the minister’s announcement

The second 2020 announcements of Linkage Grants was on the Australian Research Council website first thing yesterday, just ahead of Minister Tudge’s announcement.

The University of Queensland (ten) and University of Adelaide (eight) both had a big day, winning the biggest shares of the 65 applied research awards.

CMM’s favourites are a Uni Queensland-led project to wind-tunnel test “an air-breathing plasma engine that is capable of out-performing rockets and scramjets” and another on the social impact of age-induced hearing loss.

Funding to Uni Adelaide includes sustainable biological fertilisers and for work to remedy informal voting in elections in Victoria.

But what of two grants said to be supported by the ARC but rumoured to be knocked back by the government? – CMM has idea but wonders if anything will emerge when ARC officer appear at Senate Estimates tomorrow.