Big in business rankings

Rankings provider QS announces its bized results for “mainly” on-campus masters

The Melbourne Business School (26th) and Uni NSW (36th) are the only Australian universities in the global top 50 in the new MBA/specialist masters ranking. Monash U is 73rd, Macquarie U 84th and Uni Queensland is 94th.

Specialists masters:

Melb Business School is 13th for business analytics. Macquarie U is 32nd on the masters in finance list and 19th for its marketing course. Uni Sydney is 26th for its management masters. Two unis are in the top 50 for supply chain management, UTS – 32nd and Uni Wollongong 38th

Overall, US universities account for 12 of the world top 20 spots with the rest being European and UK institutions.

The ranking is restricted to universities rated by any of the big three bized accreditors and is based on data grouped into five criteria, (employability, entrepreneurship and alumni outcome, ROI, “thought leadership” and student/staff diversity.