Big changes at UNE with admin restructures on agenda

With the University of New England adopting a new three faculty structure (CMM August 25) consultants Graeme Dennehy and Tim Winkler propose reorganising management support.

“There is evidence of a lack of role and responsibility clarity for both individuals and organisational units, which is causing confusion, duplication of resources, gaps in workforce capability and a lack of accountability for fundamental results.”

And lest anyone miss the point they add;

“There is also evidence of poor processes compounded by rigid silos born of a fragmented structure with many directorates and school areas each trying to achieve goals without a strong common strategic approach.”

Their report recommends a complete redesign of distributed support functions, including the creation of faculty general managers but largely leaves central services alone, except for marketing and international student support, which it recommends reviewing.

Staff have until October 18 to respond. Provost Joyce Kirk has also announced a review of academic governance by Hilary Winchester from the University of South Australia. They like a review at UNE.


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