Big cash injection for Uni Queensland virus research

Paul Ramsay Foundation announces “first tranche” of COVID-19 research funding

Yes, it’s money from the estate of that Paul Ramsay. No, it’s separate to the fund responsible for the western civilisation degrees.

PR Foundation CEO Glyn Davis (yes, the ex Uni Melbourne VC) says it is “incumbent on the Foundation to support efforts to control and contain the virus.” The big cash components are $3.5m to Uni Queensland for vaccine trial and production, $2m to the Peter Doherty Institute for short-term anti-body passive immunisation.  The 13-member Australasian Partnership for Preparedness Research on Infectious Disease Emergencies has $2m for responses in “high-risk populations.”

And there’s more money for Uni Queensland

As well as Ramsay, the state government announces $10m and the Commonwealth $3m for vaccine research at the university.